Vantage Global Investment Fund

The Vantage Global Investment Fund is a value oriented global equity fund, whose Investment Objective is to achieve capital growth exceeding the total return that would be obtained from investing 50% in the world's global equity markets and 50% in a global basket of risk free securities, without exceeding the volatility of such an investment. This Investment Benchmark is intended to reflect a balance between investors' need for capital preservation, and their desire for enhanced returns.

The Fund's Investment Approach is to invest for the long term in a focused portfolio of shares in major companies, selected from a global universe for their outstanding relative values, and to proportionately hedge the associated stock market and currency risks when the Manager believes this to be appropriate.

The Fund has been awarded Reporting Fund Status designation by UK HMRC with effect from 1st January 2010. This provides that investors can benefit from capital gains tax treatment upon realisation of their interest in the Fund, subject to the conditions outlined in the prospectus. Please see full details with regard to UK tax treatment in the prospectus. Confirmation of continued Reporting Fund Status can be found on the Excel sheet " List of Reporting Funds A-Z" in the Reporting Fund section of HMRC website. HMRC full list of Reporting Funds

For a copy of the Prospectus, 1 page Fact Sheet or the latest Monthly Summary please click below:

Vantage Investment Management Limited ("VIML") is the Investment Manager of the Vantage Global Investment Fund. VIML is a private company incorporated in Mauritius. Legal Notice