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Official Fund Net Asset Value per share, Bid and Offer Prices

*Next Valuation Day: 30 June 2022 - Prices Next Updated: 02 July 2022

FundNAV (US$) NAV DateChange Prev.Bid Price (US$)Offer Price (US$)
Vantage Global 465.02 31/05/22 1.5% 463.63 466.42

* The official NAV is calculated by MUFG as of each month end Valuation Day. Subscriptions take place at the offer price which is 0.3% above the Fund's NAV. Redemptions take place at the bid price which is 0.3% below the Fund's NAV. This Transaction Cost is retained by the Fund to offset the brokerage and spread costs of investing subscribed monies or divesting redeemed monies.

*Vantage calculated Net Asset Value as of 22/06/22

FundNAV (US$) NAV DateChange Prev.Bid Price (US$)Offer Price (US$)
Vantage Global 454.07 22/06/22 -1.7% 452.71 455.43

* The internal NAV is Vantage's estimate of NAV as of the specified date, calculated weekly and for information purposes only.

Vantage Investment Management Limited ("VIML") is the Investment Manager of the Vantage Global Investment Fund and the Vantage World Equity Fund. VIML is a private company incorporated in Mauritius. Legal Notice