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Audited Financial Statements

Vantage World Equity Fund 31/12/2019 Archive Statements:

NAV Confirmation letter

NAV Confirmation Letter for quarter ending 30/06/2019 Archive Letters:

HMRC Reporting Fund Status

Vantage World report for the year ending 31/12/2019 Archive Reports:
HMRC Certification for the year ending 31/12/2010 Archive Reports:
Confirmation of continued Reporting Fund Status can be found on the Excel sheet " List of Reporting Funds A-Z" in the Reporting Fund section of HMRC website.
HMRC full list of Reporting Funds

Due Diligence Questionnaire

Due Diligence Questionnaire - October 2018

European Capital Requirements Directive (CRD) - Pillar 3 Disclosure

Pillar 3 Disclosure

Vantage Investment Management Limited ("VIML") is the Investment Manager of the Vantage Global Investment Fund. VIML is a private company incorporated in Mauritius. Legal Notice