Returns - Vantage World Equity Fund

Percentage Returns in US Dollars
Returns over the Preceding: Qtr. to Date 04/12/19(1) Year to Date 04/12/19(2) Calendar Year Ending 31/12/18Inception(5) to 04/12/19 CAGR(6)
Vantage World Equity Fund3.713.5(12.2)105.26.2
Value Added(4)(0.9)(8.3)(4.3)4.40.4

Key to Returns Table:
1.Quarterly returns are presented from the last NAV of the previous calendar quarter;
2.Current year returns are presented from the last NAV of the previous calendar year;
3. MSWI is defined as the MSCI World Index including income;
4.Value Added is defined as the incremental return earned by Vantage World Equity Fund (VWEF) after deducting all expenses and Fees including the Manager's Performance Fee, relative to the return that would have been derived from investing all the assets of the Fund in the MSCI World Index including income.
5. Inception of Fund: 1st Jan 2008
6.CAGR - Compound Annual Growth Rate since inception

Returns are posted on this Site for the convenience of the present investors of the Vantage Funds.

Please note that past performance is not necessarily a guide to future performance. Prices go up as well as down and investors do not always get back the amount they invested .

Vantage Investment Management Limited ("VIML") is the Investment Manager of the Vantage Global Investment Fund and the Vantage World Equity Fund. VIML is a private company incorporated in Mauritius. Legal Notice